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Climate Change
Participation in Global Climate Governance

The Conference of the Parties to the The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP) is the most important platform for global climate governance. The annual COP conference is an important occasion for social organizations to participate in the global climate governance, showcase achievements, exchange information, and tell China's "climate story" well.

Vanke Foundation actively participates in the COP Conference. Since 2009, Chairman Wang Shi has led representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs to participate in COP conferences for consecutive years, showcasing the determination and actions of the Chinese business community to address climate change. Since 2013, the Foundation has been a helper in building the "China Corner" of the COP Conference and participated in hosting related meetings and events such as the "Enterprise Day" of the China Corner. In 2021, Vanke Foundation teamed up with the C Team to independently establish the first "China Enterprise Hall" on COP26 in Glasgow, UK as a Chinese social organization.


For 12 days of continuous
operation during the COP26days


39 side meetings were held

For 12 days of continuous operation during the COP26, China Enterprise Hall has held 39 meetings around topics such as urban community carbon neutrality, climate investment and financing, energy transformation, climate adaptation and resilience, and South-South cooperation. Over 200 guests from home and abroad were invited to speak at the meeting, who conveyed to the international community the efforts and determination of various sectors of Chinese society to tackle climate issues during the epidemic. Special Envoy Xie Zhenhua from the Chinese government delegation, Director Li Gao of the Climate Department of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, and other guests attended and delivered important speeches. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, and China Radio International and other media widely reported the related activities.

During the 2022 COP27, the Foundation initiated the "Community Day" in China Corner and hosted meetings themed by "Community Waste Management Helps Achieve Carbon Goals" and "Multi-party Participation in Building Near-Zero Carbon Communities". On Community Day, the Foundation highlighted the experience and achievements in building the near-zero carbon communities in Meisha, Shenzhen.

The Foundation has raised the awareness and ability of Chinese social organizations to participate in the COP Conference and global climate governance by means of related capacity building training, knowledge documents, and other means.