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Climate Change
Corporate Zero-Carbon Acceleration Project

Enterprises are an important force for China to achieve the goal of peak carbon neutrality. At the COP20 Climate Change Conference in 2014, President Wang Shi called on Chinese entrepreneurs to strive to promote green transformation and innovation of enterprises, and become a leader in global climate action. In 2017, Vanke Public Welfare Foundation and a number of enterprises and public welfare organizations jointly initiated the establishment of Dadao Climate Change Promotion Center (referred to as Dadao or C Team). Since its establishment, the Avenue has made gratifying progress in the empowerment of key industries, the dissemination of issues and the construction of enterprise exchange and sharing platforms, and has become one of the important social organizations in China to promote enterprises' action on climate change.

Vanke Foundation continues to support the action and exploration of the Avenue. In 2018, Dadao jointly launched the "China Enterprise Climate Action Network" (CCCA) with a number of social organizations and enterprises. At present, CCCA has a total of 72 member units, including well-known enterprise members in many industries such as real estate, new energy vehicles, and photovoltaic. Every year, CCCA jointly releases outstanding corporate climate action cases and releases them at the COP Conference to showcase the progress and results of China's corporate climate action. In terms of empowering key industries, the Avenue, together with relevant industry associations, has launched seven documents, including the "Chain Industry Response to Climate Change Guide", "Real Estate Industry Climate Action Guide" and "Fashion Industry Sustainable Action Guide", to provide direction and guidance for enterprises to carry out carbon reduction work. In terms of issue communication, the Avenue has launched the communication products of "C Youth said" and "Double carbon General Education", which have achieved a wide range of influence. As of 2018, the number of enterprises responding to the Avenue's "Low carbon Initiative" has increased from 1,385 in 2015 to 1 million.

Since 2023, Vanke Public Welfare Foundation has supported the upgrading of Avenue strategy and launched the enterprise "zero carbon acceleration" project. Through the development of assessment methods for enterprises' climate action capabilities, we provide targeted services for employees' capacity improvement, so as to improve enterprises' energy saving, emission reduction and ESG action capabilities.
C Team is also an important strategic partner of Vanke Foundation in the participation of social organizations in climate governance. Vanke Foundation and C Team jointly held the China Corner "Enterprise Day" to actively promote Chinese enterprises and social organizations to participate in international climate exchanges and cooperation, showcase the practices of Chinese enterprises, tell the stories of Chinese people's climate action, and contribute solutions to global climate governance.